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Why Was Founded was founded for the purpose of helping consumers find out more about the different vacuum cleaners out there. As we know all too well, not all vacuum cleaners are equal. When it comes to keeping a home clean and tidy, you want the best bang for our buck right? We believe so too. Rather than buying an inferior vacuum cleaner, that is going to have worn parts within a few months, why not just do a little bit of research and find out what the best vacuum cleaner is? Here at, we understand that people have different budget restrictions and therefore we do not just review the most expensive vacuum cleaners currently on the market, unlike other sites. This is what sets us apart from other websites. Seriously, look at the reviews featured on Many vacuum companies also cram a tonne of jargon into their product specifications and advertisements, this can make it hard the general consumers to determine which is the better product. is designed to make it easy for everyone to find the best vacuum cleaner and home improvement tips all, without wasting a time.

Overall, is the leading review site for everything to do with vacuums, aimed to help educate consumers on the best vacuums currently available. Below, you’ll be able to see how rate vacuums when reviewing them.

How Vacuum Cleaners are Rated rates all vacuum cleaners on the following criteria. This is to make the review process consistent, which makes our results more reliable. We believe fairly reviewing each vacuum cleaner is the best way to make our site useful to the public. This also removes any bias which could accidentally occur if inconsistent reviewing criteria were used for each vacuum. The following five criteria are the most important factors that should be considered when looking for a new vacuum cleaner, after all – the color of a vacuum isn’t the determining factor!

Suction power and efficiency

The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is incredibly important, and should be a major factor to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Yes, there may be a super-powerful vacuum cleaner which is brand new, and better than all the competition, but if it costs $3 a minute to run it, it isn’t exactly great. Some vacuums are more efficient than others, power usage isn’t the best to look at. Ideally, a vacuum should get the most performance per watt of electricity used, for it to be deemed as efficient.


Make sure a new vacuum cleaner comes with extra features. After all, most vacuum cleaners won’t just be used for flat carpeted surfaces. Many consumers use their vacuum cleaners to vacuum their cars, and their stairs, and even couches. Each job requires a different feature, such as being able to turn the rotating brush on and off, to avoid damage to delicate materials. Ideally, vacuums should come with a wire tidy, the ability to turn the rotating brush on and off, and to be able to height adjust the vacuum.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight and dimension might not be a huge issue, but it is a huge issue to some people. For instance, if you store your current vacuum in a small cupboard, any new vacuum needs to be able to fit it the same space, right? Our weight and dimension rating will allow you to determine this. Heavy vacuums aren’t great either, as this means lugging it up and down the stairs and between rooms takes a lot of effort. Ideally, you want a light, small vacuum – but this all depends on what the vacuum is going to be used for, some consumers may prioritise vacuuming power over size and weight.


Accessories are another key factor that should be considered before purchasing a new vacuum. Make sure check reviews of how useful the accessories are, and the pros and cons of each accessory. After all, each manufacturer includes different accessories, and some are more useful and better-built than others. Most vacuums should come with a crevice tool, an upholstery brush and a hose, as the bare minimum. Remember, some manufacturers sell accessories separate to the vacuum, so it is worth researching this before making any decisions.


Price is a very important factor. Everybody wants a great deal! After looking at our various ratings for the other features, if the vacuum is at a suitable price, go for it! Remember, the best vacuums aren’t very cheap, and you do pay for the quality. A better-quality vacuum will last much longer than a cheaper vacuum. recommend to spend the maximum on a vacuum, as this will allow you to get the best features, accessories, and performance possible, resulting in a much better experience using the vacuum.


Buying online from websites with good reputation is a must. Dealing with electrionics, we never know when the vacuum cleaner may just give way just after few months. This is where warranty plays a part. Some provide one-to-one exchange when a product is within warranty, some provide doorstep servicing. Understanding the warranty terms help make critical decisions when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners, each built for a different purpose. In this section, we’ll take a little look at what each type of vacuum is, and a few pros and cons of each. Each type serves a purpose, and some are better for specific scenarios. For most homes, a standard upright vacuum should suffice, but there may be other types of vacuum which better suit the purpose it will be used for.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners tend to be the most powerful vacuums out of the four main types. They are much larger though! If a carpet needs a good, deep clean, there really is no better choice of vacuum than a traditional upright unit. There are many manufacturers of upright vacuum cleaners, such as Dyson. This type also tends to come with more accessories, and settings to get the perfect clean on any surface. Most upright vacuums come with the ability to disable the rotating brush as well, this is useful if you have lino, laminate or hardwood floors; not all units do though, so it is worth confirming. If you have carpets of varying thicknesses, you may also appreciate the added versatility of a height-adjusting brush.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners feature a tank, with a hose attachment. Canister vacuums tend to feature a full array of various accessories, but these differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. They generally come with a brushed head, which features a motor to spin the brush at speed, to tackle the debris on your carpet. They usually feature a hard floor attachment, without the brush – this is suitable for lino, laminate and hardwood floors. Brushed heads should only be used on carpeted floors. Canister vacuums can be awkward for larger areas, due to the user having to pull the canister behind them while vacuuming. Depending on the make and model, the tank can also be relatively heavy, and trying to wrestle the tank and hose up the stairs at the same time can be challenging.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a relatively new innovation to the traditional vacuum cleaner. They require almost no human interaction! Simply place it on your floor, and let it go! They are great for certain applications, for instance – they have no problem vacuuming under furniture, such as your couch or table. They also feature sensors which detect obstacles, and vacuum around them. This may sound great, but there are a few problems with robotic vacuums. One problem is the fact they are incredibly small, this causes two issues, the first being that its cleaning power isn’t great, it’s nowhere near as powerful as a standard vacuum cleaner. The second issue with the size is the fact it can store as much dust and debris as a standard vacuum cleaner, which means it may need emptying quite often. This can be combated by using a robotic vacuum cleaner more often though, which can easily be done with a robotic vacuum, considering it doesn’t require much effort from the user.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are usually used in most homes as a secondary vacuum, for giving a small area a quick clean. They are usually battery powered, as this makes them much quicker to operate, simply grab and go! Handheld vacuums are perfect for cleaning up a few crumbs, or vacuuming small areas of your car. They aren’t ideal, or designed to vacuum large areas, such as a whole room. Handheld vacuums are designed to be a modern equivalent of a dustpan and brush, so don’t expect a huge army of accessories to come with one!

Common Vacuum Cleaner Features

When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, make sure that a new vacuum cleaner has as many of these common features as possible. They may be common, but you’d be surprised at how many vacuums don’t have these essential features.

Able to vacuum carpets

This is an obvious one, make sure any new vacuum cleaner has the power to clean carpets to a good standard. If you have thick carpets, these require a vacuum cleaner with more powerful suction, to get debris from deep within the carpet. For thin carpets, nearly every vacuum cleaner should have enough power to get most dust and debris from the floor. Many consumers don’t think about their own home before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, but this is essential to make sure you get the right vacuum cleaner.

Removing pet hairs

Pet hairs are a nuisance, and some vacuum cleaners come with special attachments designed to combat this problem. These attachments are much better at digging up pet hair from the floor. We all know how much of a nuisance it can be, especially when your furniture is coated in the stuff! Pet hair attachments include a nozzle with spinning brushes with rotate at a fast RPM, instantly getting all pet hair off a given surface. Want to make any couch look like new again? Look for a pet hair vacuum cleaner!

Vacuuming hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be tricky to vacuum, debris can simply fly around the floor, rather than being trapped in by the carpet fibres. One way to combat this is to look for a vacuum which allows the rotating brush to be turned off. This means the vacuum will retrieve debris and dust by the power of suction alone, which should make any hardwood floor a lot easier to clean. All hardwood, laminate, or lino floors should be vacuumed with the brush disabled, as rotating brushes can also scratch hardwood, laminate and lino floors, which is another problem that consumers may run into if they buy a cheaper vacuum, that doesn’t possess this ability.

HEPA filters

High efficiency particulate air filters work in a very different way to traditional filters. The problem is, with some vacuum cleaners, debris and dust are simply rearranged, and not trapped in the vacuum. The bag/filter may trap some particles, but what about the smaller particles? They escape right through the bag/filter, and find their way back into the home. As they are now air-borne, this can cause problems for some people, especially if they already have breathing problems such as asthma. HEPA air filters stop this, with a very complicated science theory. The truth is clear, they work. It is worth looking at the reviews for the best vacuums with HEPA filters.

Vacuuming dry and wet floors

Wet vacuums are designed so that they can vacuum up water, as well as debris and dust. This functionality isn’t seen on most vacuums, but it is a great idea to get a vacuum with this functionality, especially if you need it. Most people wouldn’t need it often, but it can be useful. For instance, conservatories with a jacuzzi, occasionally, one might need to vacuum water from around the edges of the jacuzzi, and this wouldn’t be possible with a standard vacuum.

Other Features

These features are more about the design of the vacuum. Each vacuum will be either bagged, or bagless, and corded, or cordless. Each have their own pros and cons, there isn’t a type which is better than another.

Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners

There is a huge debate about whether bagged or bagless vacuums are better, but simply upholds the truth and the fact is, neither are better. Each type is better for a specific application, and each have their own pros and cons. Bagged vacuums allow you to easily dispose of the dust and debris, but this does mean vacuum bags must be purchased, which are an extra expense that wouldn’t be necessary with a bagless vacuum. Bagged vacuums also tend to become less powerful as the bag fills up, this means that often the bag mustbe replaced before it is full to improve the suction, but this costs you more money with the amount of vacuum bags you will be using. Most bagless vacuums tend to be transparent, which allows you to see the vacuum fill up. This can come in handy if a piece of jewellery or other valuable is vacuumed,as it is easy to see where it is.

Corded or cordless

Corded and cordless vacuums are also both great, but for different things. Corded vacuums tend to be more powerful, but this does limit the usability of the vacuum – as it must be plugged into the main power supply within the building as the vacuum is used. Cordless vacuums are battery powered, and tend to be smaller and more portable. The only downside of cordless vacuums is the fact they aren’t as powerful as corded variants, but they do have the added versatility of not being restricted by a power cord.

Common Accessories

These are the typical accessories for most vacuums, some will come with additional accessories not described here, but these are the basic accessories that should come with all vacuums. They may not all be necessary, but they do all serve a purpose, and can come in very useful from time to time.


Most vacuums feature a hose; which accessories can be attachedto vacuum certain areas that cannot be done with the main brush head. Make sure to check out reviews about the hose, as some hoses tend to split very easily, and this can cost huge amounts of money in the long run.

Upholstery brush

An upholstery brush is designed specially to vacuum upholstery, such as couches and armchairs without damaging the often-delicate material. This is a great addition, as typical non-specialist accessories can scrape and wear away the material.

Vacuum brush

A vacuum brush is simply a brush attachment, which attaches onto the hose of most vacuums. It allows hard to reach areas to be vacuumed, that you would be unable to reach conventionally with the standard wide base of the vacuum.

Crevice tool

Crevice tools are designed for all those hard to reach places, such as under furniture and the corner of rooms. If an area can’t be vacuumed with the with the wide base of a vacuum, a crevice tool will be able to squeeze in there. Crevice tools, like most accessories, attach to the hose of most vacuums. This may differ from model to model, so make sure to read the documentation included with any new vacuum to avoid damage.

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