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BObsweep Pet Hair robotic vacuum and mop review

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Have you seen the new bObsweep Pet Hair robotic vacuum and mop cleaner? If you haven’t, you definitely should look it. This robotic cleaner may be small, but the features it has are more than just big. It is loaded with the latest technology, latest systems and with additional sub-systems that make cleaning much better. This vacuum cleaner has features which many others we review do not and we recommend that it is one of  the best choice for pet owners. Let us take a look at the reviews of this robotic vacuum cleaner.

Features are designed specifically for pet owners

Simply said, this is the best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet owners. It removes pet hairs from any surface and it will make it perfectly clean. We must mention that it is one of the top rated models that are capable of removing pet hair. The best part is the fact it never misses pet hair and it will even clean the paw footprints. In the end, you will have a perfectly clean floor that won’t have any pieces of evidence a pet walked on it. The design and the construction are also adapted for pet owners. This is a slim model that can clean all the areas, and it is ultra-quiet meaning that your pets (and neighbors) would not be upset by it.

Vacuuming and sweeping

It is a well-known fact that all vacuum cleaners can vacuum and sweep at the same time. Well, the model here is actually better. It has a powerful, 7500 RPM, electric motor of the newer, Turbo Lift generation. What it does is improving the vacuuming for additional 20% compared to equivalent models. This robotic vacuum cleaner can literally suck all the hair and large debris that is on the floor. Thanks to it, we recommend it to pet owners with large dogs. Once the vacuuming process is done, the vacuum cleaner will sweep the surface. How cool is that! All the dust will be removed from the floor, obviously, so you get the perfectly clean floor, again.

Mop function

This feature has to be mentioned separately. Vacuum and mop functions are not commonly seen together, so this is a pleasant surprise. Luckily for all of us, this robotic cleaner has both of them. After the cleaning and sweeping, it will mop the surface. This isn’t some cheap feature that is used only in advertising. It actually works and you will see the difference. All of this means that your floor would be cleaned and mopped in less time than ever before. For example, if you want to do the entire process manually, you will need a few hours and plenty of work. Purchase this model if you have more pets and see the full power of it.

Sterilize and purifies air

If you think that explaining why this vacuum cleaner is so great, is done, you are wrong. We have come to one of the more impressive features and the one that must be mentioned. Do you know that this robotic cleaner can sterilize floors and purify the air at the same time? The all-new 400 NM Ultra-Violet lamp is responsible for sterilizing the floor. It is very useful if your pet spends some time outside. HEPA filtration works together with this system and it is responsible for cleaning the air. You may know that it traps all particles making the air as clean as possible. Together, these two features will keep your floors safe from mold, dust and even viruses. We would recommend you this vacuum cleaner especially if you have children.

Low-Track Contouring

Cleaning different floors require different techniques, but at the same time, it requires different heights. And this is where the bObsweep robot does its work easily. It has a spring-assisted system that will adjust the height accordingly to the floor and the height of it. Thanks to it, all surfaces can be cleaned and there won’t be drawbacks in the end result. All owner’s reviews claim that this actually works. We tested and we agree!

Fully-functional remote

This is a programmable vacuum that comes with the remote control. Most models of this kind use apps, which may be a downside in some cases, especially among elder persons whom are not as tech-sauvy. The bObsweep Pet Hair robotic vacuum and mop uses the mentioned remote. It makes the entire application simpler because you get a simple remote to use, obviously. Then, we have the pre-programmed features that also make life easier. Keep in mind that all settings and all features can be fully controlled via the remote controller (that’s why we said it is fully-functional).

Lithium X-AMPlified Battery

This is the latest battery of this kind on the market, you can get today. It is great because you get automatic charging, 75 minutes of running time and even a 2-year warranty. Drawbacks? There isn’t any here! It also supports fast charging and it is eco-friendly.

Pros at a glance:

  • Simple to use (you don’t have to read a guide before using it).
  • Superb battery and battery life.
  • 75 minutes of running time.
  • Automatic charging.
  • Low-Track contouring.
  • HEPA powered.
  • Cleans the air.
  • Mopping
  • Perfect for all pet owners (or even if you do not own one).


  • Lack of app may be an issue for younger adults.
  • Dark areas are problematic to clean (issue of most robotic vacuum cleaners).
  • Complicated programming.

Final thoughts

If you are a pet owner and you want to get help with the cleaning, this is the model for you. The unbiased reviews from many different sources proved why this unit is simply the best for pet hairs and foot straps. Not to mention that it is one of the rare models that can mop the floor, clean the air and sterilize the surface at the same time. Given the many features, this vacuum cleaner is a to-buy list regardless if you are or not a pet owner. It is definitely an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner that has plenty of advantages to offer.