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I'm sure you agree that the vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential appliances that anyone can have at home. In fact, practically all households in the United States have one. There is a kind of rite of passage that comes along with home ownership.

A canister vacuum cleaner is an awesome choice

Canister vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity for many reasons. There are honestly many things to like about it. It starts with the way that it allows you to perform your chores. Most of these vacuums come with a wide array of attachments that allow you to clean such things as ceilings, fans, furniture, and other items much easier than you would with a standard vacuum cleaner. Although bulky in the outlook department, many are designed for easy maneuvering, reaching across into the places you would normally struggle to gain access to with any other type of vacuum cleaner.

2017 is coming to an end, let's take a look at the best canister vacuum cleaners 2018 has to offer.


Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - For Bagless Convenience

  • Bagless Convenience: Cyclonic action and powerful suction provides thorough cleaning. Plus, no more bags to buy or change EVE.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning: Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch.
  • Three-Stage Filtration: Dirt cup filters and post-motor filter help to capture more fine dust and particles. Filters are washable and re-usable.
  • Includes: Easy Empty Dirt Cup, Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush, Automatic Cord Rewind, Air Flow Regulator.

This vacuum cleaner offers you a convenient way off cleaning your house. With its lightweight design, it is easily portable and easy to carry up staircases. Rest easy knowing that you do not need to worry about purchasing bags for changing purposes, while its cyclonic action and powerful suction gives you a pleasant, thorough cleaning experience. The vacuum is easily versatile on different surfaces, and you can quickly change between cleaning hard floors and carpets with just the touch of a button.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a three-stage filter system as well as a post-motor filter that helps trap more fine dust and small particles. The filters are easy to wash and re-usable, so there is no reason to worry.

The extension wands, combination crevice tool, and dusting brush are easy to attach, while the adjustable suction control enables you to turn down the suction and clean fabrics like curtains as well as upholstery. The lift-off system offers you the advantages of using an upright vacuum cleaner, with a detachable canister that eases the process of cleaning your staircase and other places that are hard to reach.

The cleaner comes with some bonus items that include a combination crevice tool and dusting brush, an easy empty dirt cup, an airflow regulator, and an automatic cord rewind.


  • It has excellent suction power and does not occupy much space
  • It is light weight, cleans efficiently and user-friendly
  • The cord is retractable and the vacuum is bag less
  • It is very reliable and the attachments fit the vacuum cleaner very well
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble


  • It lacks specialized cleaning tools
  • The crevice tool does not attach to anything on the vacuum
  • The canister gets full quickly
  • The air control switch is fragile and can easily break
  • It does not work effectively on area rugs

Raceup CJ1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA and Filtration - Incredible deep cleaning power

  • ★EFFICIENT -- Powerful motor: Equipped with 1400-Watts, Raceup’s Cyclonic Vacuum uses powerful, nonstop suction to deep-clean all types of surfaces in one pass.
  • ★CLEAN -- Five-Stage Filtration: Dirt cup filter,honeycomb filter,sponge filter,felt filter and post-motor exhaust HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. prevents the spread of allergies and bacteria.
  • ★CONVENIENT -- One-touch rewind cord. Easy carry lightweight. Multi-Surface clean brush. Easy empty dirt cup. Floor care designed rubber wheels. 24 FT clean radius area.
  • ★ECONOMICAL -- No more bags to buy. Filters are washable and re-usable.
  • ★ASSURE -- Worry-free one year warranty.

Raceup canister vacuum machines will not disappoint you, and it is not any different for the CJ1150 Cyclonic vacuum. It has a powerful, 11400W motor to enhance nonstop, powerful suction that cleans all surface types in your home deeply.

It comes with a five-stage filtration, unlike many vacuum cleaners – having a honeycomb filter, dirt cup filter, post-motor exhaust HEPA filter, felt filter and sponge filter. All of these serve to trap 99.97% of dust and other airborne particles, even those that are as small as 0.3 micrometers in their diameter. If you suffer from respiratory illnesses, this vacuum cleaner will help ease their frequency by taking care of allergens in your living space.

The cord is a one-touch rewind cord, and the cleaner is extremely light in weight, weighing at only 12.2lbs. Its multi-surface clean brush increases the convenience of use, and the wheel design does not scratch or leave marks on your floors. The dirt cup is also easy to remove and empty.

The vacuum cleaner is economical since it is bag less, and its filters are re-usable, as long as you wash them. You can purchase this cleaner without worry since it comes with a 1-year warranty. The tool attachments and the power nozzle ensure you get to clean in ways that an upright vacuum cannot reach. If you want to capture dirt on surface that are above-floor, it is easy to attach the extension wand or the combination crevice tool to accomplish this task.


  • The nozzle-working radius is about 24 feet, which is large for a typical vacuum cleaner
  • The hose has a solid design and the inlet is very helpful in its durability
  • It has excellent suction power
  • Small and compact – so it is easy to store in your home
  • Simple in its use and set up.


  • None that is particularly notable, as this is one of the newer brands in the market. Nevertheless, it is a good vacuum cleaner worth purchasing.

Electrolux EL4021A Performer Canister Vacuum - Performance Selection

  • Silence Pro system for minimal noise and disruption.
  • Powerful cleaning to provide Deep cleaning suction on bare floors and carpets.
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97Percent of airborne pollutants to freshen your home.
  • 3-in-1 crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle.
  • Easy empty system.

If you want a machine that promises a quietly clean performance all the time, look no further than the Electrolux EL4021A. It has a silence Pro system, created by the combination of its canister, motor and sound-softening nozzle to create a powerful performance with minimal disruption.

For cleaning hard-to-reach areas, use the vacuum’s 3-in-1 dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle, while you can enjoy a fresh-smelling home thanks to the Clean-air filter system – this incorporates the famous HEPA filters that captures 99% of pollutants from 0.3 microns and larger, leaving your surroundings smelling clean.

The dual nozzles are very versatile – they easily move from cleaning carpets to bare hard floors, to ensure multiple cleaning in your house. In addition to this, a speed nozzle regulates the speed cleaning action as well as deep cleaning suctions on all surfaces, and the system is easy to clean.


  • It is easy to store in two convenient positions, while remaining easy to assemble and detach
  • It has a quiet mechanism that ensures minimized disruption as you clean
  • It is bag less, so there is no need to worry about cleaning bags
  • It has good suction ability and transitions very easily to differing surfaces
  • It is lightweight and easy to use, very portable
  • Does not have clogging problems, probably because of the smooth stainless steel


  • The electric cord is shorter than most canister vacuum cleaners
  • There are not enough accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner – for example, missing upholstery brushes, though this is not a major issue

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum - Best Choice of Lightweight Vacuums

  • The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor has a 20-Year Average Life-Span - Extremely Lightweight and Powerful - Uses Miele's Powerful 1200 Watt Motor
  • Variable Speed Control - 6 Different Speeds allowing Perfect Suction for Drape, Rugs, Bare Floors and More!
  • Comes with Miele SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool Perfect for Bare Floors and Area Rugs
  • Comes with Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush - Designed to go flat under baseboards, low under furniture, tight up against kick jams and around chair legs. With a 90 degree twisting rotation there not many places this floor brush can't go!
  • Extremely Maneuverable - Crush-Proof Ergonomic Hose - Stainless-Steel Telescopic Wands - Comes With Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush + Upholstery Tool

The Miele C2 hard floor vacuum cleaner is very portable due to its lightweight – at only 19.6lbs. It is also quiet, resulting from an integrated silence as well as its noise-optimized fan, while the cleaner is very powerful, mostly due to its Brand New Redesigned Vortex Motor.

It combines the Miele Hyclean GN Dust bag, the SSC (Sealed System Construction), and the Super Air Clean filter to give you extra clean air.t the vacuum comes complete with integrated tools that include an upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a dusting brush. If you are wondering how you know you need to change your dirt bag, do not worry- the vacuum will easily let you know when to do so.

Unlike other vacuuming machines, the Miele Hard floor vacuum comes with an electronic suction control dial that has six different settings, which include furniture, drapes, quiet-setting, throw-rugs, wall/carpet bare floors and large area rugs. Its handle is lightweight and ergonomic, for increased handling convenience. The hard floor comes with stainless steel wands that easily adjust to your height, all with the touch of a button.

It has a rug and floor tool that allows for low pile carpeting and smooth flooring, and the metal glide slide is gentle even to sensitive surfaces.In addition, it includes the Parquet Twister that gives 180-degree rotation for the gentle care of smooth surfaces.


  • Has a strong construction that is of excellent quality
  • Has excellent suction power, even more than you may expect since it is compact in nature
  • Very maneuverable, with easy reach of hard-to-reach surfaces
  • The smooth gliding wheels ensure that no scratches and marks are left on your floors
  • The extended wand and hose makes it easy to reach upholstery and staircases


  • The on/off switch is located near the handle – it is easy to switch the vacuum on and offaccidentally, which can be irritating.

Dirt Devil SD40010 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Value for Money

  • Powerful 12 amp motor- cut through any mess with constant power
  • Premium stretch hose and 32.5 inch telescopic handle- stretch up to 45 inches further for extended cleaning reach
  • Variable power control- lets you create the perfect amount of suction
  • Automatic cord rewind with 20-foot cord
  • Includes a dusting brush, crevice tool and floor nozzle

This vacuum cleaner promises to provide versatility as you clean your home, and offers you an amazing cleaning experience. the Bagless canister vacuum cleaner allows you to clean carpets, upholstery, hard floors, drapes as well as other surfaces, and the adjustable speed control allows you to create the perfect amount of suction.

It has a premium-stretch hose and a telescopic handle, reaching up to 45 inches – this lets you reach areas as high as windowsills. Its 12-amp motor lets you clean any mess quickly, and its suction power does not fade even as youdo it.

You can automatically rewind the 20-meter cord with just a single tap, and the bag less design makes the cleaner easy to clean and even easier to set up. It also comes with a deluxe stretch hose and extra tools for additional convenience.


  • The vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction, but still retains its quiet mechanism
  • It is easy to carry it around your different rooms
  • The cord retractor allows to adjust the cord length as needed
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The bottom part of the vacuum is made of aluminium and makes a very irritating noise when it gets on tiled surfaces

Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 Canister Vacuum - Best Buy for Easy Navigation

  • WindTunnel 3 Technology - creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • Multi-Cyclonic- air passes through not one, but two cyclonic stages to filter dirt and debris from the air path for no loss of suction
  • Steerable Technology- navigate smoothly around furniture, corners and other obstacles by simply twisting the handle in the direction you'd like to go
  • 17 Foot Auto Cord Rewind
  • Includes a Telescoping Extension Wand, 3 in 1 Tool and Hard Floor Brush

The Hoover Canister vacuum lets you know that size does not limit performance. It is powered by the WindTunnel 3 technology that lets it clean multi-floor surfaces efficiently, while the cleaner itself is very light – it weighs only 13.2lbs –versatile and steerable.

Its multi-floor power nozzle and tool attachments provide you with unlimited cleaning access and freedom that many traditional vacuum cleaners will not give. It comes with a HEPA air filter as well, trapping 99/5 of dust, pollens and dirt, even as small as 0.3 microns.

The cleaner is multi-cyclonic. Air does not just pass through one, but two sages that trap dust and airborne particles to ensure your air stays clean, and the steerable technology enables it to glide over your furniture as well as other barriers – all you need to do is twist the handle in a particular direction. The cord measures up to 17-feet and you can rewind it for extra convenience, while the cleaner comes with an additional 3-in-1 too, a telescoping extension and a hard floor brush.


  • Has good suction power
  • Very user-friendly directions
  • Lightweight design that makes it portable even in areas like staircases
  • Picks up a lot of dirt, including pet hair
  • There are no bags so it is easy to empty and clean
  • It is easy to empty and maneuver with it
  • It has a compact size, so is easy to store
  • It cleans hard floors very well


  • There is a problem of the cleaner overheating
  • Very noisy, particularly when using the beater bar
  • It is difficult to use on rugs and carpets
  • The cord is very short
  • When the head is removed there is no hose length, while the canister is very small

Kenmore 21614 Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Ideal for Pet Hair Vacuuming

  • Crossover Handle conveniently stores dusting brush and crevice tool at fingertips
  • Pet PowerMate and Pet Upholstery Tool are ideal for cleaning pet hair from furniture
  • Telescopic Wand and 7-foot hose allow for easy above-floor cleaning
  • Exclusive Stair Grip enables vacuum to rest on staircase for easy stair cleaning
  • HEPA filtration for cleaner exhaust air

The Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner promises you excellent cleaning service while retaining its flexibility to clean your above-floor areas in your home including staircases and drapes. Coming with a Pet Upholstery Tool and Pet PowerMate tool, it is ideal for cleaning up pet hair from your furniture and upholstery. The telescopic wand and hose that goes up to seven feet are good for cleaning above-floor surfaces.

The exclusive stair grip gives the vacuum cleaner enough support to rest on your staircase, leaving your hands free to clean the stairs. The electronic performance indicator alerts you when the bag is full or when you need to check for clogs in the filters.

The cleaner comes with a HEPA filter that guarantees you cleaner exhaust air, and the Variable Power provides gentle cleaning, even on sensitive surfaces. In addition, the crossover handle acts as a convenient storage area for the crevice tools and dusting brush.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It is ideal for pet hair cleaning – in fact it is one of the best for this purpose
  • There is good suction power
  • The height is easily adjustable
  • The bag less feature allows you to clean the vacuum easily


  • The handle is thick and heavy, and can be awkward to handle
  • The brush bristles are very short, making it a bad option for cleaning baseboards
  • The suction control slider is located on the handle, so it very easy to accidentally switch it on or off
  • Tends to be really noisy

Ovente ST2620 Series Cyclonic Canister Vacuum - Eco-Friendly and Safe for the Environment

  • FAST, EFFICIENT, POWERFUL – Equipped with 1400-Watts, Ovente’s Cyclonic Vacuum uses powerful, nonstop suction to deep-clean all types of surfaces in one pass.
  • ADVANCED MULTI-LEVEL FILTRATION – Say goodbye to allergies! Its HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. That’s 300x smaller than a hair!
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE – Comes with many premium attachments for various surfaces: floor brush (hard, carpet), combination crevice nozzle/bristle brush (corners // shelves, curtains, furniture), upholstery tool, telescopic wand, pet/sofa brush, and a bendable multi-angle brush.
  • CONVENIENT & ECO-FRIENDLY – Step button to turn on/off, retractable power cord, 360° hose swivel, bendable and telescopic wand help you get high and hard-to-reach areas without injuring your back. Also features suction control to save energy.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – The dust compartment is translucent so you can easily see when the dust container and/or filters are full. All you need to do is empty and wash it with water before use

Not only is the Ovente Canister Vacuum easy to store due to being compact, it weighs only 15.8lbs, so  carrying it around in your house a breeze. Not only that, but it is also very beneficial for those who suffer from frequent respiratory infections, thanks to its advanced multi-level HEPA system that traps smaller particles while releasing clean air. Trust this cleaner to capture most microbial mold spores, bacteria, dander and other debris and dust forms.

The machine may be smaller than most, but do not let its size fool you – it is powered by a very efficient motor of up to 1400W, and uses nonstop suction ability to save you energy, time and electricity. It also comes with attachments to make your cleaning easier, and they include combination crevice nozzle or bristle brushes, floor brush (that takes care of rugs and hard floors), an upholstery tool, a strong metal telescopic wand, a multi-angle brush, and a pet brush.

You need not worry on variety – it has a sleek, attractive design and comes in four colors. The stop button enables you to control it with ease and the telescopic wand helps you to reach surfaces that could strain your body. The swivel turns 360-degrees, and the retractable power cord makes it easier for you to clean your house without any inconvenience from long wires.


  • The attachments come in very handy for different jobs
  • It has good suction power and is very reliable while still staying lightweight
  • It works very good especially in smaller spaces
  • Does not have the issue of overheating or short cords
  • Easy to use and clean
  • You can easily control the motor speed


  • The pet brush that comes with the package is poorly designed and easily clogs up with pet hair
  • The hose tends to be short, so it is better to have extension cords nearby if you want longer reaches

Bissell 1154 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum - Best for Hardwood Floors

  • Air driven Hard Floor Dusting tool designed with soft bristles to safely clean pet hair, crumbs and fine debris from hard surfaces
  • Swivel steering to easily maneuver under and around furniture
  • Slim design for easy storage
  • Bottom empty tank for easy emptying

With this hard floor cleaner, you get a uniquely designed light tool that can clean delicate surfaces at whatever height, using powerful suction ability. You need not worry about the wheels marking your floors because if the felt treads and rubber wheels, and the rush has soft bristles that will not damage delicate surfaces.

It comes with an automatic cord rewind, an easy empty dirt tank, and a range of tools such as the telescoping extension wand, the crevice and dusting brushes and the low pile carpet tools - all making your cleaning easier and more convenient. If you are looking for a cleaner made especially for your hardwood floors, this can sort you out in that regard.

It comes in a slim, compact design that is easy to store a, and its bottom tank is easy to empty as well. In case of moving around your furniture, the swivel steering allows for easy movements. In addition, it comes with a two year limited warranty for your peace of mind as you buy it.


  • Great performance for the price, and the hardwood brush attachment works very well
  • The different brushes clean your home surfaces effectively, and the machine is very reliable
  • It has a strong and compact design
  • The quiet mechanism allows you to work in peace
  • It is easy to use and reaches even the hard to reach places
  • Good suction power


  • It does not seem to work very well on rugs and carpets
  • The handle gets uncomfortable to handle after some time
  • The dirtbin has a very low capacity and requires frequent emptying
  • The plugging cord is short and you find yourself constantly re-plugging it in

That's all for the best canister vacuum cleaners in 2018. Below lists the top canister vacuum cleaners of 2017.

Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986B canister vacuum

The Electolux UltraSilencer is a popular model, not only because of the great power that it provides but also that it comes at a fairly reasonable price, about $250. This is an extremely silent vacuum cleaner, that comes with a 65 dBA noise level to give you true peace and quiet while you’re using the vacuum cleaner. There is a variable speed control that is easy to manage while you are vacuuming, and the vacuum works quite well on hardwood floors and carpet that is considered low pile. Wands and tools that are included with the vacuum make it easy to reach those troubled or problem areas, and you will find that the size of the vacuum (about 21 pounds) makes it easy for a person of any capability to use this appliance. This vacuum comes with a sound dampening technology, that makes it perfect when using on bare floors. You will find that the noise reduction keeps the sound from illuminating off of the Baron floor, giving you an incredible use for this machine. The cord comes with an automatic catch rewind making it easy to store and not have to battle with cords while you are performing your vacuuming. For those who are looking for a quality option that doesn’t come at an extreme price, this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners you will find on the market.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister vacuum cleaner

The name Shark is one of the most well-known within the vacuum cleaner business, primarily because the quality of their vacuums is as good as it gets. This particular option is no exception. Priced less than $300, this is a lightweight vacuum that is built with such an incredible design that it is easy to use without reducing any of the power or suction. This Shark model is built with an anti-allergen seal technology that ensures that less than one-tenth of one percent of particles that are sucked up by the vacuum have a chance of getting out. That is one of the most efficient models you will find on the market today. It does not matter what kind of surface you are intending to use this vacuum on. It is perfect for all types of carpets, rugs, and even on bare floors. The design of this vacuum makes it easy to store, and the canister is easy to remove and dispose of the contents without releasing these allergens back into the air. Most find that the attachments make it incredibly easy to be able to reach any surface and the design is made so that the head allows you to use on such areas as stairs, or other high areas that would be more difficult to reach with a standard head. The swivel steering also makes it easy to clean tougher locations around your house, like on the stairs or along walls. Add to it the fact that there is a powerful LED headlight that helps to illuminate dark areas and it’s easy to see that this is a phenomenal appliance. There are very few companies that make as amazing a vacuum cleaner as Shark does, and this is just another great example of the equipment that they make.

Soniclean Galaxy 1150 canister vacuum cleaner

Soniclean may not be the name that Shark is, but there is no reason to diminish the incredible quality of this vacuum cleaner. Priced at about $300, the body of this vacuum, weighing only about 12 pounds, is packed with a great deal of power and delivers some of the best suction that you will find of any canister vacuum cleaner type. Included is a turbo carpet nozzle which is used for both low and medium pile carpeting, and this machine is built to last, coming with a five year warranty on the motor. If that isn’t enough, this is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners you will find on the market, and comes with a 360° hose rotation that makes it easy to reach any spot quickly and efficiently. With five attachments, and an easy to replace system, this vacuum has quickly become one of the more enjoyable vacuum cleaners for consumers on the market. An additional aspect that makes this an incredible vacuum is that 99.97 percent of the allergens, dust, bacteria, and other microns that are found in your carpet will be sucked up and retained within the canister system. This vacuum is expertly designed, giving you the incredible power that you need to clean your carpets thoroughly, while also giving you a vacuum cleaner that ensures that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned of dangerous materials that may be within the carpet itself. It may be a little more pricey to get this option than others on the market, but you will be glad with the results.

Ovente ST2000 Featherlite Cyclonic bagless canister vacuum (HEPA)

Corded - this is another model that you may not of heard of before, but you will be hearing about it soon enough. With a spectacular design, and a filtration system built to protect you and your carpet, this is a high quality vacuum that comes that one of the lowest cost prices that you will find, usually around $75. The handle is built to give you a 360° swivel, and there is an automatic cable rewind or that comes with it ensuring that you will not get trapped by your cord. You will find that this does not have the power that some of the more pricey vacuum cleaners do, but that should not deter you from making this as a choice. The floor brush really aids in digging out those particles that are otherwise difficult to suction up, and the filtration system is a quality one for sure. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will do the job for you, this may be the one that’s ideal, especially if you are just starting out on your own.

Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A bagged canister vacuum

Another great vacuum by Electrolux, the Ergospace option gives you the benefits of a canister system, while also allowing you to include bags in the canister to make cleaning out of your vacuum even easier. The adjustable nozzle on this vacuum allows you to change the level of power that you need or the depth at which you need the vacuum to clean. This makes it ideal for moving from hardwood floors to carpeting, allowing you to keep on moving without having to stop to change a level. There is a three in one combination tool that makes cleaning areas such as crevices, flat surfaces, and stairs a real snap to get done. You will find that you are able to clean low to medium height carpets as well as area rugs and hardwood floors. The cord rewind makes it easy to store and to return the vacuum cleaner to its area without battling on cords. This is a very quiet motor on the vacuum cleaner. What most people love is the fact that bags are contained within the canister itself making for cleaning of the vacuum cleaner a total snap. This is another vacuum cleaner offering the advantage of 99.97 percent of all microns being filtered and retained within the canister system.

Dyson Big Ball canister vacuum

While Shark is one of the more well-known makers of vacuum cleaners, Dyson is another one that people are well aware of. Dyson has long been known for their superior quality in design and performance of their vacuum cleaners and the Big Ball is no exception. There are many things to love about this vacuum cleaner, starting with the innovative and intelligent design. It begins with the fact that the vacuum will write itself should it be toppled over. This ensures maximum efficiency and protects the vacuum cleaner from being damaged. There is also a very easy to use, hygienic system that allows you to trap and empty the debris from the vacuum easily without you ever having to touch or come in contact with areas that may contain the microns that have been absorbed. This system is built to ensure that more than 99.97 percent of all of the microns that are absorbed are filtered and stored within the canister area. It is one of the best at providing you with a thorough cleaning of your carpeting. There is no doubt that this is one of the more expensive canister vacuum cleaners that you will find, costing somewhere around $450, but there are many reasons to love this vacuum cleaner. Add to it the fact that it comes with a five-year warranty and you can be sure that Dyson is letting you know that you’re not only getting a great vacuum but one that you can count on to last.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F canister vacuum

For many years, Eureka was the standard in vacuum cleaners. With the emergence of new technologies, several brands are giving Eureka a run for their money. That is not to say, Eureka does not produce quality vacuums. Priced at less than $100, the Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F is a powerful tool that has a great filtration system that captures 99.9% of all dust and dander that can be found in your home. As part of the vacuum system, an Arm & Hammer deodorizing and odor eliminating bag goes in the canister system to ensure that your home does not have a “vacuum” smell when you are done cleaning. One particular feature that many love about this vacuum is that it weighs less than 9 pounds, yet still provides a very powerful suction that makes cleaning your carpets an easy task. It does not matter whether you’re talking about upholstery, bear floors, stairs, area rugs, or other kind of material that needs to be cleaned, this is an easy vacuum to use that will really make your job a lot simpler. The model comes with a basic number of attachments but still, the price makes vacuum cleaner a worthwhile investment.

Dyson Ball Multifloor canister vacuum

We already talked about one Dyson model, but the Ball Multifloor vacuum is another great model from this incredible company. Priced at about $300, it doesn’t have all of the innovative designs of the Big Ball, but that does not mean that this is not a great vacuum. This Dyson model will clean any kind of floor surface and do it with extreme efficiency. The design of the head ensures that there’s no bending down for you to have to clean floors, and you can easily extend the length of the head with the easy flip of the switch. This vacuum is designed to ensure that disposal of dust and debris from the canister is a simple process to complete. By the push of the button you remove out all of the particles that have been trapped, keeping them away from direct contact with you. The HEPA filtration system traps over 99.97 percent of all the debris and dust particles that it comes in contact with, making sure that your carpeting is cleaner and safer for you. This vacuum weighs about 20 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and control. You will love the power of it and its ability to remove out particles that could be a hazard to you and your family. This is just another winning product from Dyson.

Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson SD30040BB canister vacuum cleaner

While being one of the last vacuum cleaner mentioned here, that should not be an indicator that this is not an outstanding canister vacuum cleaner. Dirt Devil is another one of those companies that is synonymous with vacuum cleaners and quality vacuum cleaners at that, and this is no exception. The Crimson Bouquet comes with a whole lot of features about it that you will love. First of all, it begins with the fact that this vacuum cleaner weighs less than 16 pounds. It’s a powerful appliance that is also easy to control and handle. Its size makes it one of the more popular vacuum cleaners because it doesn’t take up to very much space to be able to store. For those who are in a small apartment or in a dorm room at college, you would find that this is the ideal vacuum cleaner to have, because it doesn’t take up much of the storage or closet space that you have. However, that does not make it so that it would not be an ideal vacuum cleaner for your home or large apartment. You can still reap the great benefits of this vacuum cleaner because it is a powerful one that can clean a wide variety of services quite efficiently and effectively. Priced at less than $100, this is a great vacuum cleaner to use because of its power and sleek outlook. Part of the allure of getting the Dirt Devil Tattoo SD30040BB is that it comes with stylish designs on the side that are cute. They and an additional ambience to any apartment or dorm room by giving you a beautiful and efficient vacuum cleaner.

Bissell 12901 Revolution Bagless canister vacuum

Bissell is another company that has long been known for quality vacuum cleaners, and their canister model is an outstanding example. Designed with an incredible cyclonic technology, this machine has a great deal of suction that does need a great deal of power to get the job done. It can clean any of surface, and is especially strong on carpets. The Bissell can switch between floor types with the flip of a switch If you are looking to clean the steps or in crevices, you will love the turbo-brush tool. This vacuum is easy to empty and weighs just 14-pounds. The fact that it is so light weight and is not a big machine in general makes it a real winner because you do not need to have much space to be able to store it. It is easy to use and control. At a cost of about $100 this is a canister vacuum cleaner that you will find is ideal for any kind of home you may have, even if you have pets or a lot of rambunctious kids.


Canister vacuums are good carpet cleaners

The reason it is so important is pretty much self-explanatory. There is no part of your home, whether you are talking about a house or an apartment, that takes as much of a beating as your flooring, especially your carpet.

Not only do you bring all kinds of gunk from the outside, including dirt, bacteria, grim, and other particles, but you spend hours a day walking, laying, and even sleeping on your carpet. All this can do a lot to make your carpet a fairly dirty thing. If not properly taken care of your carpet can quickly become one of the greatest health hazards in your home, especially if you have a pet.

The germs that can get trapped in your carpet can be very hazardous to your health, especially considering that they are allowed to fester and grow there. If you have kids, the problem is magnified greatly. Not only do you have to worry about all the stuff they bring from the outside, but also have a greater concern about their health because they will spend a considerable amount of time on the carpet rolling around and playing, while also laying down and taking a nap there as well. Add it to the fact that your kids often eat on the carpet, spilling crumbs and sauces that get into the carpet and you can see that there will be some real concerns about how healthy your carpet is.

Seriously, how many times do you see your kids eating something and then drop it on the floor, pick it up, and continue to eat that food item? Just think of all of the stuff that gets into the carpet when your child drops his or her food on the floor, and what got on their food from your carpeting. Not very appetizing of a thought I am sure.

Key features of the canister vacuum cleaner

Before discussing the very best vacuum to buy, there are many of the features of these canister vacuum cleaners that you will want to know about so you can make a truly informed purchase. Some of these things may not be of value to you, but there are areas that you may value, and so these are things you will want to keep in mind when making your purchase.

Suction power

One of the features that makes the canister vacuum cleaner so popular is that it has enhanced suction power over traditional vacuums. Of course, that does not mean that all of them are created alike. There are those that have significantly more suction power than others have.

One thing you want to be aware of is that many make their decision to buy a vacuum based on the amount of wattage that the motor is measured in. This is misleading to say the least. Watts is not a clear indication of the suction power at all. This is not like when you see a 75 watt bulb and know that it is nearly twice as bright as a 40 watt one.

It is an entirely different situation and should not be used to measure the strength of the suction. Where you want to focus your attention on is airflow. This is often the best rating to look at to determine the suction power of the vacuum. This is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the higher the rating the more likely that the suction power is better.


Most canister vacuums don’t make a significant amount of noise when they are running. This is another reason why so many really like this style of vacuum. You will not likely find a rating of noise volume on the side of the appliance, but you should be able to test the vacuum at many of the stores you will be at. This will allow you to turn it on and see how truly quiet it is. For many, you may not care about a little extra noise, but if peace and silence is your goal, then you will want to take a closer look at this.

Power consumption

This is the area where such things as wattage, amperage, and voltage matter. While it is not an indicator of the amount of suction that a vacuum cleaner will provide, what you do receive by paying attention to these numbers on your vacuum is an indicator of how much power the cleaner needs to use simply to run. For some, greater power is needed simply so that the vacuum cleaner will run more efficiently.

This, once again, does not mean that it will provide greater suction, but could provide greater performance. Some vacuum cleaners offer additional features to them, such as headlights, which require additional power to be able to function. You may find that it is necessary if you want features such as this to get a vacuum cleaner that requires a little more energy to be able to run.

HEPA filters

What makes a canister vacuum cleaner so efficient is the use of the HEPA filters inside of them. The HEPA filters are incredible and the way that they are able to properly filter out allergens, small dust particles, and bacteria, to ensure that you get the maximum filtration of potentially hazardous particles the vacuum cleaner is sucking up.

In fact, some of these vacuum cleaners even offer a simple air filtration option that allows you to run the vacuum and filter the air in your home. Some HEPA filters may come as more expensive, simply because of the design of the canister in your vacuum. You may want to take a look at this before making your vacuum cleaner choice, simply because you may not want the continual cost to pay something that could be quite expensive over time.

Ease of maneuvering

One of the things that people hated about the standard vacuum cleaner was how difficult it was to maneuver around your home. This is not true of the canister vacuum. In fact, most find that it is significantly easier to use because of the way that they can maneuver it. The designs are often created so that you can easily swivel, as well as get underneath hard-to-reach places that a standard vacuum cleaner simply couldn’t get to. They are also much easier to use to suck up materials along the walls and other spaces like this.

Weight considerations

Many canister vacuum cleaners way less than the standard version, but this is not true in all cases. This is another part that you need to consider when determining the amount of power your vacuum cleaner is capable of producing. It is often the case that a more powerful motor will also mean that the vacuum weighs significantly more than some other models.

This may not be of concern to you, but it may be something you simply don’t want in your vacuum. For those who may be a little older or a little smaller framed, this may deter you from buying some of the larger models, simply because you may find the way to be a little taxing. Don’t fret. There are plenty of quality models that you can get that may be a bit lighter than others.

Filtration systems

The HEPA filter is just one part of the filtration system. The entire manner at which particles are sucked up from the vacuum cleaner and processed all the way through the vacuum and into the canister is part of the filtration system. Some of these are incredibly good at getting virtually every particle out of your carpet or out of the air and into your canister. Once there they are securely kept. The filtration system ensures that nothing gets through and back out into your environment.

The filtration system is built to ensure that only air molecules are removed and released back into your home. The more sophisticated the filtration system, the better your vacuum cleaner will be.

Parts and accessories

What a lot of people like about a specific vacuum is the attachments and other accessories that come with it. This can really make your vacuum cleaner a much more worthy product to buy. The attachments are one of the key features. You want to look to see if the vacuum has such things that will allow you to clean your drapes, upholstery, under your tables or sofa, clean fans easily, or other attachments that can make cleaning around your home go much quicker.

There are also additional features that you can look for in your vacuum. This can include such things as a light on the front of the vacuum, which allows you to be able to see areas more clearly that may be blocked from direct light by such things as tables or filing cabinets. Some vacuum cleaners come with a feature that allows you to use them as an air filtration system. This may be appealing to you as well.


The warranty is also something you want to consider. Many of these canister vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive, and the last thing you want is to have purchased the one lemon that breaks down after year. You should be looking for something that provides at least a 3 to 5 year warranty on virtually all aspects of the vacuum cleaner. This is your safety net to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

Just as a note to you, if a vacuum cleaner manufacturer will only offer you a one year warranty, it should tell you something about how much confidence they have in their product.


It is clear that the standard vacuum cleaner that many of us grew up with is simply not the standard anymore. The canister vacuum cleaner is becoming the most popular type to buy on the market and with good reason. Its ability to get out the vast majority of dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other particles that can embed themselves in your carpet makes them the quality product that all persons need in their home.

We live in a time when many are suffering respiratory and other kinds of ailments related to the allergens that are getting into their homes. Most often these allergens are living in people’s carpets, but this problem can be resolved by using one of the spectacular appliances. It may be true that these cost a bit more than your standard vacuum cleaner, but you will find that their effectiveness and their ability to improve the quality of your health and your life make them a worthwhile investment.

Take a look at one or more of the models mentioned here and you will find that they would be the ideal appliance to add to your home. Best of all, you can be sure that they will safely run for many years because of the incredible design that has been used to create them.