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Dyson 206900-01 upright vacuum cleaner review

Each guide and every single recommendation should include the Dyson 206900-01 vacuum cleaner. It is one of those upright models that cannot be overseen nor it can be eliminated from the list, and all of that due to very simple reasons. This vacuum cleaner is made to be useful and practical, and that’s it. There are neither futuristic design features, nor anything that may add weight and make using it more difficult. That’s exactly what it is – the Dyson 206900-01 is a hybrid of solid design and quality features. Let’s take a look at what this Dyson vacuum cleaner offers.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance)

As you may believe, the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance feature, or shorter, HEPA is the best feature this vacuum cleaner has. It isn’t the best because it sounds futuristic, but rather due to the result, it achieves. This system uses three types of filtration methods in order to trap even the smallest particles. After the process, only the air comes out from the vacuum cleaner. If you want specifics, you can get them as well. HEPA filtration traps more than 99, 97% of the dust particles and allergens, so it is definitely something every single homeowner should try to obtain.

The Dyson ball multi floor

The upright vacuum we are discussing is more than just the newest model. Some features and we can even say the advantages are staggering. The Ball technology isn’t something you get all the time, nor is it something that comes from the future. It is something that simply makes life easier. In this case, it is responsible for steering. Thanks to it, cleaning complicated and problematic areas in your home is finally solved. The secret is in the wrist, so after some practice, you will realize how impressive this steering tech is.

10 years of continual Dyson improvement

What is in common with every new product? It is the testing. Car manufacturers test their new cars for millions of miles in order to get the best reviews and the best results. The situation is the same when it comes to the vacuum cleaners, but not a lot of people talk about it, so it doesn’t sound relevant. But, this isn’t the case with the Dyson 206900-01. It has been developed for 10 years, during which time it was tested for 12.800 hours. The number of tests is 663. In simple terms, this is the proof you will get a top rated model, without any drawbacks.

The result of Dyson’s innovation

Cleaner head with self-adjusting feature

Cleaning hard floors and carpets require some adjustment of the cleaner head. At least it did when we were using old-fashioned vacuum cleaners. But with this model, the situation is different.

Hard floor and carpet vacuum cleaners

The cleaner head itself is equipped with a special system that can detect different surfaces and adjust the head accordingly. What it means is that you get the maximum suction on all surfaces. The brush bar is electrically powered, and it will penetrate the thick carpets effortlessly. If you are looking for the best cleaning results, this is a feature to consider.

Quick-release wand

What when it comes to cleaning high areas? It is complicated to remove the wand, to clean the area and to put the wand back in place. Maybe for most vacuum cleaners, this is a nightmare, but this one is different, again. The wand can be released by pressing a single button. It is known as an instant-release system that shortens the cleaning time for about 10%.  Once you are done, connecting process is simple as well and it also requires 2 seconds. Don’t think that the hose or the wand are too short! They are specifically designed to be used for cleaning ceilings and equivalent heights.

Superior bin emptying

After cleaning the entire home, the last thing you want it to find the trapped dust and dirt back on the floor. Some vacuum cleaners come with inadequate and problematic bin emptying systems that can cause a lot of spills. This means that you will have to clean again! But the model we are reviewing is designed to be different. The bin emptying system also works with a press of a button. Once detached, a bin will be emptied in a matter of seconds, precisely where you want it. The risk of spills is finally 100% eliminated.

Superb suction

Buy this vacuum cleaner only if you are prepared for the very powerful suction. Some owners actually think that this is a drawback, but we know better and we deem it a positive factor. The suction is the same no matter which kind of surface you are vacuuming. To illustrate how powerful its suction can get, pushing the vacuum cleaner is actually harder due to the suction strength! This advantage also picks up pet hairs no matter how deep in the carpets they are hidden. In order to test this claim, we compared it with a vacuum cleaner of the previous generation. We used it first and then tried the Dyson 206900-01 on the same surface. It vacuums additional dust and debris, meaning that the suction is much better.


  • HEPA filtration.
  • Extremely powerful suction.
  • Ball powered cleaner head movement system.
  • One button bin emptying.
  • Quick-release wand.
  • Properly tested and perfected model.
  • All attachments are included in the package.
  • Lightweight design.
  • High-quality components.


  • Isn’t exactly on the quiet side.
  • A longer hose would be better.
  • Not the cheapest product on sale.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an awesome vacuum cleaner, the Dyson 206900-01 is highly recommended. After all, there are a lot of impressive features, the built quality is outstanding and this model undergoes rigorous testing by the manufacturer. Bringing home this Dyson ensures you do not get break downs in a matter of weeks or months. The power is a separate story, so the suction is impeccable, no matter which surface you are cleaning. We hope that the Dyson 209600-01 review helped you get a better idea about this vacuum cleaner and why we have such good feedback of it. It is one of those models that has a lot to offer and it will meet the tough demands of people who want only the best. Still looking for more? Checkout out – VacuumPal’s awesome vacuum cleaner reviews.