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Ovente ST2010 Featherlite Cyclonic canister vacuum review

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful when you can get more from a vacuum cleaner by paying much less? The Ovente ST2010 Featherlite Cyclonic vacuum is one of them. First and foremost, you get HEPA system. Dust filtering with HEPA is simply outstanding and much better than any other alternative you can get today. Even better, there are a host of additional features and systems that will make your life easier but doesn’t put a dent into your wallet. Let’s start by taking a look.

Bagless design

The Ovente ST2010 is a canister vacuum cleaner that is designed bagless. It makes emptying the canister safer and a much better choice as emptying the canister is done via a press of a button and it takes just a few seconds. It also eliminates the risk of getting the dust back on your floor! All of this suggests that this design is beneficial for people with allergies and asthma. It also makes maintenance cheap and simple.

Bagless design

Powerful electric motor

For any vacuum cleaner, having a powerful suction is a must. The Ovente ST2010 is exactly what it is. The electric motor is a new-generation unit, with a whooping 1200 watts. Comparing to many other vacuums of similar class, this model packs a punch! The electric motor works, in tandem with other elements in order to provide outstanding suction on all surfaces. For example, it comes with all the attachments you are going to need, but it doesn’t require from you to read a guide in order to understand how to use them.

Step buttons

Let’s take a look at an interesting feature. When we use a vacuum cleaner, all that we want is to complete the process as soon as possible. With this model, vacuuming time will be shorter and it is attributed to the step button. Actually, you get two of them. The first one is ON and OFF button, designed to turn on or off your vacuum cleaner with your foot (no longer do you need to bend over to do so). Then we have a second button which activates the auto-rewind feature. Yes, this feature is supported as well, and it is more than just appreciated, as we have mentioned a couple of times. It is impressive being able to get all of this in a small and affordable vacuum cleaner. Maybe it is too soon, but we will recommend it to all of you who want to purchase something useful and cheap at the same time.

Attachments included

We said that you get a lot of attachments, but we didn’t go in-depth. In the package, you get the floor, nozzle brushes, sofa brush, HEPA filter and metal wand. In essence, this means that the vacuum cleaner sucks fine particles from any surface without an issue. Thick carpets do not deter the Ovente ST2010, thanks to the combined power of the electric motor and attachments.

Adjustable wand

The wand here has all positive reviews. Some people buy the vacuum cleaner because of the wand. The main fact here is the material used in the production process. You get a metal wand, rather than something plastic, so you can expect a much longer lifespan and much better performance (metal models do not clog that easily). The wand is suitable for picking off pet hair off carpets or hard to reach places. Adjusting the height is the second best thing. It is simple and it requires no more than 2 seconds. The length can be adjusted at ease to fit persons of any height.

Crush-proof hose

Did we mention that this is a different and a unique vacuum cleaner? One of the additional reasons to think so is the hose. It is a heavy-duty unit, designed to withstand extended usages and to stay perfectly intact even when pressed. It is a common feature we see on more expensive models, but it is rare in this price range. It comes with 360-degree rotation, so cleaning doesn’t require constant adjustments. What we must add is the fact this sub-feature allows you to get the ultimate cleaning in all conditions, so the allergens and all the dust will be vacuumed away all the time.


  • Great value for money.
  • 1200 wattss electric motor.
  • Step ON and auto-rewind buttons.
  • The wand is made from metal and it is height adjustable.
  • HEPA system.
  • Crush-proof hose.
  • 360-degree hose rotation.
  • The impressive suction on all surfaces.


  • Some elements are made from cheap plastics.
  • Instruction is complicated.
  • May be a little loud.
  • Maneuvering isn’t the easiest you can get.

To buy or not to buy?

We all want a cheap and durable vacuum cleaner that will serve us for many years. Hope that the Ovente ST2010 Featherlite Cyclonic review will give you all needed details you may need. This is one of those models that is easy to use, comes with great features and at a price, you wouldn’t expect. At the same time, it is durable and paired with a powerful electric motor, making suction superb. Add the HEPA filtration and you may have the best vacuum cleaner in this price range. Once you use it, you will know why this vacuum cleaner is something that you need.