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Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Admit it or not, unless you afford hiring a housemaid, there is no way giving up on daily house choruses. From cleaning the washes to washing the toilets and vacuum cleaning, these annoying yet necessary choruses can take several hours and put to work numerous muscles. Sure, it is a cheap way to avoid going to the gym, but when you have to do it over and over again every other day, there is no fun in it left. However, those who want to save some time and make a long-term investment in the tidiness of their homes can put their money on a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Although around for almost two decades, robotic vacuum cleaners still had plenty of flaws to fall into obsolete and leave room for regular vacuum cleaners to take over the market. However, due to the ever-changing nature of technology and innovation, robotic vacuum cleaners are making their way back into people’s homes by promising to help them spare time on daily house choruses.

These inventions resemble the ones often seen in the animation series “The Jetsons”, back in the 1960s. They are small, round-shaped and with an ergonomic design and use sensors to detect dirt, debris, pet hair and others.

If you haven’t decided to join the 21st century yet and get yourself a similar device, here are some alternative products on the market which will surely help you keep the house clean.

Top Picks – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

ILIFE V3s robotic vacuum cleaner for pets and allergies at home

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The ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum is absolutely fantastic. Not only does it give you the ability to sweep but dry mop at the same time, giving you a much more thorough cleaning of your home. There is special technology in the vacuum that ensures that it cleans up such things as pet hair, while also getting dirt and debris at the same time. This helps to get your house significantly cleaner than you would with virtually any other model of vacuum cleaner out there.

The sleek, low profile design makes it easy for this vacuum to clean under beds or sofas, where everyone knows that dirt and other crud loves to hide. With a height of just 3 inches, it has virtually no difficulty getting under any bed in many of the brands of sofas out there as well.

This is a light, self-charging vacuum, with the vacuum docs in a spot of your choosing in charges until you are ready to use. The body has a very easy touchscreen control that makes it easy to operate, and a remote control allows you to make adjustments at any point, even telling the vacuum to return back to its docking station.

While there are many things to like about this vacuum, it is the HEPA filter and the cleaning brushes that really make it a winner. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly it is able to pick up pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and other particles that have fallen onto your carpeting or other flooring. The dry mop helps with cleanups, and the vacuum itself makes it easy to clean as well. This is a heavy duty robotic cleaner that’s perfect for virtually any environment.

iRobot Roomba 614 robotic vacuum cleaner

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The iRobot Roomba 614 is a sharp robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with a three-stage cleaning system. This allows it to agitate, brush, and suction floors, ensuring that it gets the vast majority of particles and other debris that is gotten onto your flooring.

With a full array of navigating sensors, this vacuum cleaner is amazing and how it is able to make its way around your home, and avoid such obstacles as steps or other areas where it could fall. This protects the vacuum cleaner from suffering any kind of damage, and shows the intelligent way that it is designed. The technology also ensures that the vacuum cleaner will not get stuck against furniture or trapped along wall areas, as the sensors and the vacuum’s brain give it the ability to navigate itself at of any trouble spot it may get himself into.

The sensors to monitor its progress are not the only way that the technology of this vacuum is built to perform making it one of the top rated robotic vacuums on the market. You will also love the way that it automatically adjusts to any kind of flooring type that you may have, regardless of whether it is tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate, or any other kind of flooring that you may have in your home. The sensors ensure that the three-stage cleaning system is able to adapt quickly to keep your flooring clean and debris free.

This portable, robotic vacuum is a little heavier than most you will find, coming in at about 11.1 pounds, but this is because of the technological advancements within the cleaner. This is a vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for any home, and you will love that when the vacuum cleaner knows that it is reaching the end of its battery life that it will automatically had for its docking station to get recharged.

Ecovacs Deebot N78 robotic vacuum cleaner with mop and water Tank

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The ECOVACS Robotic vacuum is one of the best all-purpose vacuum cleaners that you will find on the market. It comes with multiple cleaning modes, which include auto, spot, and edge, and also allows you to mop as well as sweep your floor. What makes it so impressive is that mopping, sweeping, vacuuming all occur at the same time as your vacuum cleaner is gliding across the floor, making it the ideal wet and dry vacuum. This allows it to perform multiple tasks at the same time, ensuring only one pass is needed for a thorough cleaning.

The sensors to this vacuum cleaner are incredibly intelligent, ensuring that the vacuum does not get tangled, that it is able to detect objects around it that may obstruct its pathway, avoid stairs, and continue to perform all at the same time. The dual side brushes ensure that it is able to clean areas along your walls or furniture more effectively, to include the mopping function.

The intuitive manner in which this vacuum operates is what you will really like most of all. The battery life is able to operate for about two hours, and the vacuum will return to its docking station when it knows that it needs a recharge. You can schedule to have the vacuum turn itself on at certain times of the day each day so that it will begin its cleaning process. The vacuum provides a warning buzzer when objects, like you or members of your family, approached the vacuum and may not notice that it is working around you. It is a great piece of technology that reduces down your need to clean your carpets themselves. Every homeowner would love having this to operate around their house.

bObi Classic robotic vacuum cleaner

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The bObi Classic is a great wet and dry vacuum that is one of the best-selling robotic vacuums on the market. This machine does so many different tasks for you, to keep your floor nice and clean, including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and sterilizing. In fact, it is the bObi’s ability to sterilize while it cleans that makes it one of the top rated on the market.

You are able to program the vacuum so that it will begin the cleaning process each day at a specified time. This allows you to set it for during the night, where this quiet cleaner will travel through your home cleaning areas you have chosen for it. When it is done, it will return to its docking station to recharge itself.
This does not mean that you do not have the ability to control the device however. There are buttons on the top that you can control and you also can set certain commands to active it, control it, and return it to its docking station. These commands are all set by you.

If this isn’t enough reason to think that this is the best on the market, you can add to it that this is a washable vacuum that can be submerged without causing any damage to the vacuum or causing it to short out. That is unbelievable for this kind of technology. The sensors are state of the art, and you will love how this device avoids problem areas including running into your pets.

This is a portable, light vacuum that weighs just 6.4 pounds. It is a totally amazing device that goes well beyond the standard vacuum in its ability to sterilize areas of your home while cleaning. A truly remarkable device that is pretty cheap in cost for all it does.

Samsung SR2AK9000UG POWERbot R9000 robot vacuum

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The Samsung POWERbot isn’t your typical looking robotic vacuum cleaner. With an unusual design that looks more like an upright vacuum cleaner’s base, this Samsung vacuum is one of the most powerful robotic devices you will find on the market, providing up to 10 times the suction power of most that you will buy on the market. This makes it one of the optimal cleaners that you can buy in terms of getting out grime, pet hair, dirt, and other particles that are in your carpet or other flooring.
This is one of the top rated robotic vacuums on the market for many reasons. First of all, it is a lightweight device, weighing a little less than 10 pounds. It’s portable and easy to use, and no matter what reviews you read about the POWERbot, they are almost always positive about how this device performs.

The large wheels on this vacuum ensure that it smoothly glides along the flooring, even overcoming obstacles that may get it its pathway. The combo brush is specifically designed to pick up things like hair while also ensuring that they don’t get tangled in the brush mechanism.

There are an incredible set of sensors that helps it to avoid obstacles, but even when obstacles are reached, the sensors and the technology of this vacuum help it to be able to overcome and remove itself from anything standing in the way.

The sensors also assist the vacuum in being able to ensure that it is sucking up the particles, hair, and other debris that may be difficult for most vacuums to try to remove from the flooring. It’s perfectly built for a wide array of different floor types, and is the perfect vacuum cleaner for any home. The rechargeable battery last for about two hours of solid use.

Haier robot vacuum floor cleaner

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The Haier Robot Vacuum is a state-of-the-art vacuum, that has one of the most powerful amount of suction available in a robotic vacuum, reaching values of a 1000 Pa of pressure. This ensures that the vacuum is easily able to pick up dirt, pet hair, and dust more efficiently than virtually any other vacuum on the market. In fact, it greatly challenges some of the most powerful traditional vacuums that you would find, and at the price that you would pay for it it is a totally remarkable vacuum to get.

There are five cleaning modes on this vacuum, auto, spot, scheduling, plan, and edge, which allow you to set the vacuum to perform a wide array of tasks, even hours or days in advance of when you want them done. The smart sensors ensure that it will not bump into objects, including your pets, and that it will avoid pitfalls like staircases.

Whenever the Haier’s battery is low, the vacuum will automatically return to its docking station so that it can recharge. This is a great wet and dry option vacuum cleaner, that gives you the ability to mop as well as sweep and vacuum up particles that are on your floor. This is one of the best designed vacuums on the market as well, not only with a series of commands and remote that allow you to set the processing of the vacuum, but it is also one of the top rated vacuums because of the intuitive way that the vacuum cleaner works to clean your flooring.

At about 8.2 pounds, it is a lightweight vacuum that is also quite portable. Amazingly, this is rather a cheap vacuum in terms of cost comparison, especially compared to other vacuums.

Bissell 1974 SmartClean robotic vacuum

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The Bissell 1974 SmartClean is a spectacularly designed vacuum that looks like it is centuries ahead of its competitors. The space-age looking design is amazing, especially in the fact that you can see the inner workings of the vacuum through its transparent case.

The triple action cleaning system provides for such things as dual edge brushes, as well as a brush role, and a powerful suction that can pick up even the stingy us in the most resistant dirt, hair, and other debris that refuses to come out of your flooring. You also like the fact that the dual edge brushes are able to clean along edges and a long corners of your home, ensuring that no stone is left unturned as your vacuum cleans around your property.

The vacuum can handle a wide array of surfaces, including tile, carpet, hardwood floors, and laminate. You are able to set the Bissell so that it can clean at times you predetermine or on a daily schedule, plus you will have the ability using the remote to be able to alter the vacuum schedule as needed.

When needing a recharge this best-selling vacuum nosed automatically dock itself and begin the recharging process. The sensors enable it to avoid stairs and other drop-offs that could cause the device to be damaged. This includes avoiding such things as walls, furniture, and your pets.

The reasons why this is such a top rated vacuum are many, including the fact that it gets about 90 minutes of run time before needing a recharge. You’ll like the ease of use of this vacuum, less the way that the vacuum looks. It may not look exactly like R2-D2, but there is no doubt that your vacuum cleaner will be the source of many of conversation when people come to your home.

LG Hom-Bot VR65502LV square robotic vacuum cleaner

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LG has quickly become a leader in the technology world in relation to appliances and this Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum is another example of the great work that they are providing these days. With a rounded square appearance, this enables this vacuum to more easily clean around edges and walls where traditional robotic vacuums have difficulty reaching because of their rounded design.

The revolutionary Dual Eye 2.0 mapping system helps this appliance to learn the layout of your home, map that layout, and then be able to properly clean each and every day, providing a precise and thorough cleaning of your home. It is truly remarkable how easily and effectively this vacuum learns the lay of the land in your home, and is one of the primary reasons why this is one of the top rated vacuums no matter what kind of reviews you will read about robotic vacuum cleaners.

There are seven cleaning modes that you will find on the LG, and you are able to set daily cleaning times for when you want the device to run. At a little less than 7 pounds, this is one of the most portable and light vacuums that you will find, which is quite amazing considering the advanced technology that exists within the vacuum to map your home.

The battery lasts for about 100 minutes of continuous use, and it takes less than three hours to recharge the battery, which is about two hours less than most of the other models you will find. The suction power is state-of-the-art, and you will find that this vacuum really does the job of cleaning areas that virtually no other vacuum would have success at. You will really love this vacuum in your home.

ROLLIBOT GENIUS BL800 robotic vacuum cleaner

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The ROLLIBOT GENIUS BL800 is a fantastic wet and dry vacuum that not only sweeps, but also provides wet mopping and vacuuming all in one motion across your flooring. This robot is able to conquer virtually any flooring type that you can have in your home, including wood, tile, and carpeting, and has the suction power to really be able to do an effective job of cleaning your home.

What really makes this vacuum a top rated one among those who perform reviews of robotic vacuums is that it has a great HEPA air filter which removes out allergens and other particles, like pollen, dander, and pet hair, which can cause reactions and irritations in those who may have allergies to such things. This is why so many who suffer from allergies related issues consider this to be one of the best vacuums on the market.

There are 16 sensors on this vacuum cleaner and four different cleaning modes. What makes this a more intuitive and intelligent vacuum in comparison to many others that you will find on the market is that it not only cleans up areas set by you each day, but will actually track and locate different messes around your home to clean them. The sensors can find messes that have occurred and will then clean that, even if that means mopping the area.

The sensors ensure that the vacuum does not run into objects, or go down stairs or other drop-offs. You will also like the way that you can schedule when cleaning will start or stop, as well as steer the device with the remote that is provided. This is one of the more intelligent vacuums that you will find on the market, which is why the name GENIUS truly applies.

iRobot Roomba 870 robotic vacuum cleaner

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The iRobot Roomba 870 has one of the more fun looking designs, almost looking like an old LP record that you would play on your phonograph. However, this appliance is all about getting your flooring clean using the incredible AeroForce three stage cleaning system that many reviews have pointed out can deliver 50% better performance in terms of cleaning your floor than other robot vacuum cleaners that you will find on the market.

This top rated vacuum comes with a full array of sensors that not only help it to navigate around your home, but assisted in adapting to how your home may change. If you move furniture, add a furniture piece, or simply drop your suitcase at the front door when you walk into the home, this Roomba device will quickly adapt to the surroundings and avoid any obstacles that can get in its way. It also has the sensor technology to avoid drop-offs like staircases.

Small in size, but the Roomba 870 has an incredible amount of suction so that it can suck up hair and other debris, but has a set of tangle free extractors that ensure that these elements will not clog up the vacuum and anyway. It is remarkable how you can basically let this vacuum go each day, let it track up all the fine dirt and dust and other particles around your home, and not have to worry about it being clogged or having other issues. There is no doubt why this is one of the best vacuums on the market.

This is one of the heavier robotic vacuums you will find in the market, weighing a little bit more than 14 pounds, but that is because of the large amount of technology that is included into it and the sensors that are on board. It is able to fit under most furniture, bed, and kick boards, and delivers about five times the amount of air power that you would find in most other vacuums.

Why buy robotic vacuums?

Strictly to speak of, robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely a much more expensive, yet better perspective. There are several reasons why you should decide to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner, such as the automation, the fact that it saves time and space, and the much quieter engine. Let’s look at all these features a little bit on the details.

Although robotic vacuum cleaners do not come cheap, they will do a great job if they are programmed correctly and will definitely spare you long hours of heavy and thoroughly cleaning. Imagine how much more time for yourself you would acquire if there was someone or something to do the cleaning instead of you. You wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning the house every other day, especially if you have small children or pets and you could finally start having some quality time for yourself, your friends or your family.

Robotic vacuum cleaners will help you acquire just that because they can be easily programmed to do the job for you. All you have to do is set them according to your needs, sit back and relax! Most robotic vacuums base their cleaning habits on multiple sensors which will activate to detect dirt, debris, pet hair and other impurities that might be found on tiles, carpets or rugs. They also have built-in sensors to avoid most obstacles around the house, so you won’t have to worry they will stumble across the first wall or cabinet. However, since the technology is still rather new, you will still have to supervise the product and guide it through narrower or harder to reach places.

Secondly, due to their small dimensions, robotic vacuum cleaners can easily be stored literally anywhere. The compact and sleek and slim design allows you to hide them under your bed or in the smallest closets when you no longer need them, without having to worry about large storage spaces for cords and accessories.

Moreover, the quiet engines almost all these robotic vacuums possess will allow you to genuinely relax and even read a book while the machine does the work for you. Most of the regular canister or upright vacuum cleaners, no matter how silent their engines might seem at first, are still relatively louder to the ears, especially if you live in dorm rooms or small flats. By purchasing a robotic vacuum, you would eliminate the noise problem as well and will never have to seek permission from your neighbors or wait until all the members of your family are finally up.

Last but not least, as previously mentioned, one of the key features that robotic vacuum cleaners promises to provide is time saving. No matter if you are a staying home mom or a busy wife, cleaning the house is never your favorite activity. So why spend unnecessary hours thoroughly vacuuming the floors and rugs when you can do so much more in the meantime?

Must have features

But what does make great a robotic vacuum cleaner? Here is a list with the most necessary features of a robotic vacuum cleaner to know you spend your money on something not only looking fancy, but also worthy:

Room mapping

Almost all robotic vacuum cleaners have incorporated in their memory one form of a room mapping or another. This feature is the most important one if you want to test your machine’s true vacuuming and cleaning capabilities. Obviously, the perfect environment would be a home with less to no furniture available and only a small rug placed on its center. Unfortunately, real houses where people actually live are far from having the comfort and space of a clean and large room and are, instead, filled with obstacles, pieces of furniture, cabinets, sofas, and hard to reach corners. Thus, the importance of room mapping is crucial for your robotic vacuum cleaner’s success and your good state of mind.

Robotic vacuum cleaners work based on an integrated technology of sensors which will automatically activate to get pass by most obstacles usually found in a room. However, the more crowded your room is, the harder it will be for your future vacuum cleaner to survive the test of cleaning. In a not so spacious room you will have to constantly watch over your robot to not roll over cords or not hit a wall. In other words, you should still expect your robotic vacuum to bump into small obstacles or not thoroughly clean after debris or harsh dirt. But, although you may still have to mop and occasionally clean to do the job right, at least you will spend a considerably less amount of time than before.

Stair sensors

Almost all robotic vacuum cleaners sold on the market today have incorporated this feature in their systems, but you still have to make sure the model you want to purchase is equipped with it. Stair sensors are very important if you want your entire house to be clean, thus you should take into consideration this feature. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it to spend such a great amount of money on a cleaning object that you still have to guide and carry around the house with you to perform the tasks it has to.

Time scheduling

This feature is also extremely important if you value your time. Assuming you want your robotic vacuum cleaner to pick up the house cleaning at a regular time table, you have to pre-program it to do so. Simply imagine how much time you would save by having someone else do the entire cleaning process apart from you.

A time scheduling function is also extremely useful whenever you want to leave the house but still want it to be clean. Assume you are planning to go on vacation but the minute you come home again you will have guests. You cannot greet them with a heavy smell and dirt around the house. Thus, appealing to your robotic vacuum cleaner to do some light cleaning instead of you would truly be a miracle and a saving solution.

Also, the time scheduling function works wonders for whenever you want a light cleaning program but you do not want to wake up all the house. Thanks to the super silent engines these vacuum cleaners work on, you will no longer have to deal with grumpy children or partners waking up to the heavy sound of vacuum cleaning on a Saturday morning. You can simply take on the extra hour to nap or drink your cup of coffee in silence, while the vacuum cleaner will clean your house as you programmed it. Even better, it will automatically shut off after a pre-settled period of time, so you can leave the house and run your errands without having to worry on picking up the cleaning process once you come home again.

App control

And, since we live in the age of smart phones and tablets, an app on your phone that controls the entire process of your robotic vacuum cleaner is more than welcome. The app will easily allow you to control your device from a distance, pre-set its timing and cleaning routines or even perform specific cleaning tasks in only one room, without you even being in the house. Again, this proves quite in handy for those with hectic schedules who want to come to a clean home but do not have the time performing the cleaning tasks themselves.

In addition, controlling your app remotely will give you the freedom you wanted to pick up your favorite activities or spend another hour outside, jogging, without having to worry that your house will still be dusty and unclean once you get home.

Use the app on your phone to establish your vacuum’s cleaning habits – from specific rooms to specific objects or furniture pieces, as well as set up the perfect timing for cleaning.

What to look for

If you truly want to diversify the features of your robotic vacuum cleaner and opt for the best one in the business, there are still numerous features you may want to look for. Remember that the price will grow accordingly to the precision with which these tasks are performed and with the number of auxiliary features your robotic vacuum cleaner presents.

You may want to look up for the following features:

Battery life

The battery life of a robotic vacuum cleaner truly makes the price difference. While most products on the market will allow you a full hour of vacuum cleaning without having to recharge, some batteries can extend the life of your cleaner up to two hours of non-stop cleaning, which, obviously, makes for a more thoroughly cleaning, especially if you have a larger house. Obviously, the battery life of your little cleaning help depends on the area that must be covered as well as on its difficulty.

Again, if we are talking about crowded rooms with plenty of obstacles, the robotic cleaner might spend a lot of additional time trying to avoid all furniture pieces instead of actually cleaning the rugs and tiles and delivering a sharp and freshly smelling room. Also, when it comes to stairs and pre-programmed cleaning routines, the battery can run out more quickly if your cleaner stumbles across heavy stairs with rugs on them.

Although yet not ideal, robotic vacuum cleaners still represent a massive help around the house, especially for those who lack the time to clean themselves or for those who cannot – old persons, persons with disabilities, etc. This is why the battery life of your cleaning helper must count on your future acquisition.

Dust bag

The size of the dust bag on your next robotic vacuum cleaner should be of direct interest to you. Unfortunately, these automatic cleaners are not smart enough to empty their dust bags on their own once they are full, so they still need you to perform this task for them. This is why supervising your robotic vacuum cleaner throughout the process is a must, if you do not want the dust bag on your machine to easily fill and not have enough room to store any more dirt and debris.

However, most pricey vacuum cleaners do have a sort of alert – a sound or a light beeping – that will notice you whenever the tank is full and you need to replace to clear the dust bag. This means you do not have to watch your cleaner step by step. But the easiness with which your dust bag fills only depends on the dirt inside your house and the frequency with which you use the cleaner. If you want to clean your house every other day, the dust bag will fill harder because you do not have too much dirt and debris accumulating. On the contrary, if you only use the vacuum cleaner once a week and you have a large house expect to have to empty the dust bag more often.

Parts availability

Bear in mind that you might have to replace some of the accessories of your robotic vacuum cleaner in time. This is why before deciding upon a certain model, you first need to think on the easiness with which you will be able to acquire the pieces you need. Moreover, depending on your house you may want some extra accessories that could prove handy such as a pet hair brush or a longer cord on your hose. Or even some accessories to help you reach narrow corners and ceilings?

Charging life

Last but not least, you should take into consideration the amount of time required for your robotic vacuum cleaner to recharge itself. Most vacuum cleaners require up to 200 minutes to completely recharge before being able to perform the cleaning choruses again. This might be an inconvenience, especially if you have a large house or need more thoroughly cleaning on certain surfaces. The good news is that some devices can be programmed to start its charging period right after finishing cleaning or before starting to have enough power to help you clean the entire house. With the app phone you can program your vacuum to charge itself completely prior to start cleaning so that you will enjoy a clean house when you arrive. Bear in mind that all these features cost and can make a price difference of several hundreds of dollars, depending on the brand and the number of accessories and functions displaying.


All in all robotic vacuum cleaners certainly represent the future of home and corporate cleaning where people are no longer required. This means less time spent on unpleasant choruses, as well as less health issues that might come in time – back pains, sore feet, and allergies developed due to dust, allergens and mold, etc. Although not yet perfect, robotic vacuum cleaners do have the possibility of helping you spend less time on house choruses and reinvest that time in more pleasant activities. These machines may not yet have the power and the thoroughness of heavier canister vacuum cleaners but they are still good for keeping the tiles and the rugs clean at any time.