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Soniclean Galaxy 1150 canister vacuum review

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The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 isn’t a conventional and cheap vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most advanced and definitely more sophisticated models on the market. If you have been searching for information about this vacuum cleaner, you will probably know about the features it is equipped with. In fact you probably know a lot of them. You’re here for some some independent reviews from sources like us VacuumPal to attest to that. Without delaying, let’s take a detailed review at this amazing canister vacuum below.

Made in Germany

Although this isn’t a feature itself, it must be mentioned. The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 is fully designed and developed in Germany. We all know how important this is if you are looking for high-quality. All components are well-made and highly-durable, so you get the most from the quality. On the market, where most products are made in China, this is something that actually can make a difference. Backed by the manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years, the price that comes with its features and quality is definitely worth your buy.

1150Watt electric motor

The electric motor in this vacuum cleaner is more than just perfect. The main thing to know is that it has 1150 watts, so it is powerful. Still, it is eco-friendly and it is paired with additional features that make cleaning easier than ever. One of them is the nose, or let’s just say the lack of it. This is a very quiet model, suitable for homeowners who don’t want noise while cleaning. Nevertheless, the power is impressive. It will suck all the dust and debris from all carpets, even the thicker ones. Persian carpets can be cleaned without an issue as well. We can say that it delivers professional-level power and powerful suction on all surfaces.

31 feet of reaching area

Even the best vacuum cleaners are almost useless if their power cord is too short. At the same time, they are annoying to use without the auto – rewind feature. The model here isn’t one of them. First, it comes with a 31-foot of reaching space, meaning that most rooms can be cleaned without the need to change the socket. Then we have an auto-rewind system that makes using easy and less time-consuming than usual.

HEPA powered

HEPA filtration is the latest and the most advanced system that is simply a must-have. It makes a vacuum cleaner at least 3 times better than a model without this system. Hardwoods and carpets will simply be cleaned more efficiently and all the dust will be removed.

The system uses 3 different filters that trap almost 100% of the dust allergens and dirt. If we add the fact that the Soniclean Galaxy 1150 is a high-end model, it isn’t a coincidence it comes with the HEPA system.

Turbo carpet nozzle

Maybe this feature should be mentioned earlier, but it is never too late to impress some of the more demanding homeowners. In our guide, you will discover that low and medium carpets are complicated to clean. Turbo carpet nozzle solves this issue. It makes vacuuming easier and more effective. The nozzle will literally extract all the dust and dirt from the carpets, leaving them perfectly clean and shiny. Just to note, this is one of rare vacuum cleaners you can purchase with such a feature.

360 degrees hose rotation

All reviews will tell you that when it comes to the cleaning, speed and simplicity are important. In this case, we get one of the traditional and well-known simple features that can make a difference. The hose comes with a 360-degree rotation, meaning hat it will obey your every action and follow your every move. It is a high-end feature, capable of withstanding all kinds of usages and even rough applications.

Floor-proof wheels

The smallest feature of the vacuum cleaner in question cannot actually be seen. The wheels are made from soft rubber, so they won’t leave any traces on your floor, and they don’t make noise while pulling the vacuum cleaner. In addition, they are durable and they will last no matter where and how often you use them. Tip: You may want to clean them over time, just to make movements easier.


  • More than just quiet.
  • The powerful suction on all surfaces.
  • 1150 Watts electric motor.
  • Turbo carpet nozzle.
  • Hose rotation.
  • HEPA powered.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • The entire vacuum cleaner is lightweight and the canister weighs 12 pounds only.
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in Germany advantage when it comes to the general quality and durability).


  • All the attachments are stored in a case, rather than on a vacuum cleaner.
  • Bags will have to be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Little on the expensive side, though the features far outweigh this drawback.

Concluding everything

The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 review is simple, but the actual vacuum cleaner isn’t. This is a high-end canister vacuum model that comes from Germany, designed for people who want the best. Obviously, it isn’t perfect, but it is a well-combined model, allowing you to get all what you really need. We liked the HEPA filtration and the powerful electric motor. If price isn’t an issue to you, this is definitely a model to buy right now.