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Handheld vacuums – Upward trends for the small and portable

It seems that smaller-sized home appliances are a trend these days, no matter if we speak of tiny and delicate cell phones, ultra-slim monitors or even looking at handheld vacuum cleaners. But, since portable devices are the new trend, why not go for a portable vacuum cleaner? Smaller, smarter, easier to handle and just as powerful. You know what they say: “strong essences are kept in small bottles”. Small vacuum cleaners can certainly replace the old monsters we are accustomed with, quite often at the same price or even cheaper.

What are handheld vacuums?

Handheld vacuums are small, portable and are easy to keep in storage. They are indispensable for any household, a reality to be expected if we consider the five or six decades they marked as every housewife’s reliable “assistant”. Most handhelds are cordless, which mean they actually run on batteries instead of getting plugged in.

Even from the beginning, our mothers and grandmothers understood the practical value of these devices and the great amount of time they saved by using the vacuum cleaner instead of the traditional broom and rag.

Small vacuum cleaner manufacturers

Although a big step ahead, even the best vacuum cleaner of decades ago were pretty heavy and handling them can be extremely difficult, implying the needs for a considerable physical effort. However, after a while, the general tendency among vacuum cleaner manufacturers was to come up with smaller and lightweight devices, easier to store and to handle, reaching for better performances. Nowadays, cleaning corners and other hard to reach places is something inconceivable without handheld vacuums. And choosing is not difficult either, because the same rules apply. The best small vacuums come from popular and highly reputed brands, they consume little energy (most of them are battery operated), they are backed by a long warranty period and they are just as powerful as, or even more powerful than their regular size competitors. Some popular manufacturers to watch out for:

  • Eureka
  • Bissell
  • Dirt Devil
  • Dyson
  • Black and Decker

Vacuuming in cars

Small vacuum cleaners for cars

Small vacuum cleaners for cars

Small vacuums are generally preferred in cars too. Small areas make it difficult for conventional vacuum cleaners to navigate and do their work. The small and portability abilities allow car handhelds to quickly move into hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Handhelds are wonderful but convention ones are necessary too

Some conservative voices out there might try to argue that a vacuum is still that, no matter if you drag it after you or you hold it in your hand, but those who have tried both alternatives know better. And any smart consumer would prefer to have the ones that are dragged around (canister) and another small handheld version. Maintaining a proper level of hygiene is turning into a supreme goal for housewives, especially since dust and pet hair show up where you less expect them to. Dragging a regular vacuum cleaner around can be exhausting, especially if plugging it in certain corners of the house is a challenge. There’s a vacuum for everyone, small or big. Let VacuumPal help you find what you need.