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Vacuum cleaners – looking back

Many of us have been around and used vacuum cleaners for as long as we can remember. They have been used in our homes because they are an important appliance that simply works. It picks up the stuff that is on the floor and helps to keep your home a lot cleaner and free from germs. Of course, vacuum cleaners have matured greatly over the years. Many of the first ones had trouble sucking the smaller particles out of the carpeting, while others could get those larger particles out but did not have enough suction to pull the stuff that was picked off the carpet all the way into the bag. Either way, this became very frustrating for the user.

Consumer’s insatiable need for suction power

Increased suction became an important need of most consumers. They not only wanted to get those particles that refused to come out, but wanted to be able to get hard to reach particles that a vacuum with a little more suction would have taken care. The vacuum improved to give consumers the best chance they could have to keep their house much cleaner and healthier.

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The vacuum cleaner bag was a great innovation when it first came out. It made sure that all of those particles, dog and cat hairs, crumbs, dirt particles, and other things that were in the carpet were stored in an easy to remove bag that could simply be thrown away. All that one had to do was to take the bag after it was full and throw it in the garbage. It was absolutely idea. At least, that is how it seemed at first. If you watch a vacuum that is in operation that uses a vacuum bag you notice something quickly. The vacuum sucks the particles out of the carpet. It then travels through the hose to the bag where it is deposited. However, something horrible happens to the smaller dirt and dust particles once they reach the bag – they escape.

Vacuum bags can’t contain smaller particles

If you have such a vacuum you have seen this. The vacuum bag is not able to contain these smaller particles, and they simply seep right through the bag and into the air. After a small amount of time, they fall to the ground and get right back into your carpet. Now you have to vacuum these particles again, and are likely to see the same problem occur. The most dangerous part of this whole process is that the particles often contain little particles of bacteria. One of the things that bacteria does is to replicate itself, and it does not require much for it to be able to do that. All it needs is a place that is fairly warm and a nice area to attach itself to and it is ready to go. Your carpet is absolutely ideal for this. The vacuum cleaner bag was a useful tool, but its usefulness has reached its peak. There needed to be a better solution to this and that is exactly what was developed.

Canister vacuum cleaners save the day

The canister vacuum (check out the list of the best canister vacuums) has proven to be the ideal invention to help in making sure that you defeat the crud that gets into your carpet, while also ensuring that it does not easily get back in. Many love canister vacuum cleaners because it is also ideal whether you are talking about using it at home or at work. The ease at which you can use it and the power that it provides makes it ideal no matter what the traffic situation is. It does not matter if you are talking about a home full of rambunctious kids or a busy department store, these vacuum cleaners are made to handle the job.

Easy cleaning makes them popular

The power heads that are used in this vacuum make it easy to clean under objects such as tables, sofas, beds and other furniture that you would have had to move to reach with a traditional vacuum. It is able to suck up particles easily, including those that are not directly in touch with the head of the vacuum. The suction is also quite extraordinary. This does not only allows you to pick up those hard to grab particles, but also ensures that you can do a very deep cleaning of your carpet or other type of flooring. The attachments can help to make the cleaning even more in depth, but the main head is able to suck up things that a standard vacuum would leave behind almost every time. This makes it so that you can clean your home a lot more thoroughly.

Canister’s filtration system

Of course, what makes the canister vacuum cleaner so special is the filtration system. These vacuums are built so that particles, including dust, allergens and bacteria, are not able to get back out of the vacuum as it is in operation. For those who suffer from allergies or who simply want to be breathing cleaner air, this vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice. The filtration system of these vacuums is so good that less than one-tenth of one percent of dust particles have the chance to get back into the environment of your home once they are sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. In the standard vacuum, that number is about 100 times higher. That is what makes the canister type so special. You simply can’t beat the health benefits of it as well as the phenomenal way in which it keeps your home clean. Now, we should make vacuuming fun, shouldn’t we?